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Stainless steel wire mesh

Stainless steel wire mesh has several weaving type. The weaving type is determined according to our customers, specific requirements, such as the material, the wire diameter, the size of the mesh, width and length. There are four types of weaving, such as plain weave, twill weave, Dutch plain weave or Dutch twill weave.Plain weave is the most commonly used weave. Plain weave can be woven from 1X1mesh to 635X635 mesh.Plain Dutch weave can be woven from 10X64mesh to 80X700mesh Twill weave can be woven from 20x250mesh to 400X2800mesh.
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Product Characteristics


Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Feature:

* Corrosion resistance

* Anti-acid and alkali

* Anti-high temperature

* Good filter performance

* Long using life


Weave Type


Plain weave: The most popular a kind of preparation method industrial production and civil life is widely used.

Twill weave: Mainly in the 150 mesh to 600 purpose of stainless steel wire mesh weaving use.

Dutch weave: In this method the stainless steel wire mesh weaving has good tensile strength,mainly used for liquid and slurry filter.





304 316 310 410 430  stainless steel wire, copper wire, Titanium wire,  Nickel wire, Inconel  wire, Monel  wire, FeCrAl  wire etc

Mesh count: 

20mesh, 40mesh, 60mesh, 80mesh, 100mesh 200mesh 300mesh, 400mesh etc

Plain weave:

0.5X0.5mesh to 635X635 mesh;

Twill weave:

20x20mesh to 400x400mesh;

Plain dutch weave:

10X64mesh to 80X700mesh;

Reversed dutch weave:

48x10mesh to 720x150mesh.

Roll width

0.914m,1m,1.22m 1.5m or others

Roll length

10m,20m,30m,50m or others

Special size and specification are available according to customers requirment.


Mesh Quick Reference Guide


If you do not know what mesh you need to order, follow these easy steps and consult our mesh list to determine your best fit:


Mesh lingo:

1 Mesh Count: the number of wires per inch or 25.4mm

2 Aperture: the space between the wires, measured in microns

3 Microns (µm): 1000 microns = 1mm


Product Display


5-18mesh SS wire mesh show

used in general industrial use applications, like heavy duty particle separation, water filtration and food processing. Such as:mining, quarrying, security, and automotive to name a few.

20-60mesh SS wire mesh show

used in instances where air flow is needed. Other of these can be used in scientific applications. Non-industrial users also find some of these specifications suitable for various decorative and artistic applications.

80-500mesh SS wire mesh show

these specifications are reserved for high performance use in industries, like aerospace, science research and special technologies. available from stock in full 100 ft rolls. These rolls can be cut down to size.


Deep Processing Products


In acid, alkali environment conditions sieving and filtering.

Petroleum industry as mud mesh,.

Chemical fiber industry as screen mesh.

Plating industry as acid cleaning mesh.


Quality Control

About stainless steel mesh quality. The most important details are: material, aperture and wire diameter.

We have strictly inspection to control the quality.



Packing & Delivery


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